By following the latest trends in contemporary design, we create unique and personalized plans according to the needs of our client. Thanks to our operational flexibility, the quality of our Plexiglas® and the wide range of the plastic materials we use, we are able to satisfy our clients’ requests, which range from the production of a single prototype for a piece of design through to mass production destined to the industrial sector.


By presenting an object in the best way, the object itself takes on more value, the perception of it is improved, the liking of it is increased and thus the sales will grow. Features such as light-weight and clearness of the plastics we work with contribute towards a display which is refined and elegant, creating an enjoyable visual impact.  That is why for us at Stylplex, it is utmost important to create the “right” display that must give maximum impact to the client’s item in exposition, and this is done thanks to the use of excellent high quality raw materials. Our company, after a deep technical analysis, plans and makes the client’s ideas a reality, with the aim to promote the image of a single item and that of the commissioner company.


Our products in Plexiglas®, by using both white Led or RGB, can create glossy spectacular surfaces of great visual impact with clean and modern features suited to the architectural needs of the luxury lighting. During the planning phase, we work both on technology and innovation, by choosing high quality raw materials and by trying and create a modern product which is highly functional. We create lighting design with the most innovative materials, that are able to lighten objects and environments in an even way without unpleasant shadows or reflections, and requiring a very low level of energy consumption and a nearly absent maintenance. There is no limitation to the size and shapes of our signs or of our billboards, our creative team is able to produce a wide range of personalized features and for different sectors, such as:

  • Luminous walls
  • Luminous floors
  • Luminous billboards
  • Luminous panels with decorative screen prints
  • Display stands


We work Plexiglas® and methacrylate of the best quality by using a vast range of colours and sizes, in order to transform your ideas in perfect shapes. Our creativity and strong experience in high tech, both during the planning and in the creation phase, and the detailed work are such that we make unique and high quality Plexiglas® objects. We make items that are selected and personalized: gadgets in several shapes for exhibitions, fairs or promotional events, promotional plates, commemorative plates, plates for awards and for prize giving ceremonies, trophies and also original personalized furnishing elements, or unique Christmas decorations for the home or a special display. An item in Plexiglas® can make a difference. This optimal material has an apparent simplicity and fabulous features, thanks to these characteristics it is able to give a touch of modernity even to the most traditional object.


By having designers, architects and visual merchandisers working together, we are able to give birth to the most creative and exciting projects, in order to give each shop the right style. Our flexibility allows us to propose: designer furnishing, modular and compoundable exhibitors, corner, shop windows and much more. Light plays a main role in bringing out each feature of Plexiglas® in each exhibitor. In fact, when an exhibitor, a shop window or an object in Plexiglas® are well illuminated, the light itself helps to get the attention of possible consumers towards certain spots, creating the right viewing direction and, last and but not least, it gives an “emotional” value to the spaces and the items.

Naval Field

Thanks to its high clearness, versatility, and resistance to UV rays, the methacrylate applications in the naval field are numerous. The naval sector is a niche working environment which is highly specialized in the processing of methacrylate. The creation of Plexiglas® items for Indoor furniture for cruise ships, follows specific and well defined plans by expert architects who create designer details that are innovative and luxurious. Each detail is unique in its genre, from the initial plan to the final product, the manufacturing process follows a highly professional and meticulous path. Thanks to our technology we can create various parts, such as:

  • Illuminated signs
  • Thermoformed ceilings
  • Railings (stairs)
  • Doors
  • Indoor furnishing

Industrial sector

Moulding, CNC machining, laser cutting and polishing give the company a high technical profile which enable to produce goods for the industrial sector. Our know-how and our numerous technologies available in this area create excellent high quality products. The use of Plexiglas® in the industrial sector is possible thanks to its flexibility, in fact it is a material that offers unlimited possibilities, often unknown to most people. Methacrylate processing for the creation of elements that can be used in the industrial sector is growing thanks to its precious characteristics. The material used is in fact of the best quality (first pouring), and nowadays it is taking over almost completely the use of glass. It is highly valuable if you want to produce light elements (it weighs less than half the weight of glass) and at the same time it is really hard-wearing (it cracks but doesn’t break in a thousand pieces). At the end you get a product which is more elegant, shinier and brighter than glass.

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