Since the first meet up, we listen to the client’s needs, we very carefully analyse the technical aspects of the matter, we create the product and deliver it within the time frame agreed.

Research and development

As suggested by the two words, the phases of research and development are separated into two distinct elements: the research, which deals mainly with creating an idea and experimenting with new materials and working processes; the development, or applied research, is when the new ideas born from the research phase are materialized and transformed into innovation. The market requires higher and higher quality standards, that’s why Stylplex chooses the raw materials carefully and only uses trusted suppliers. Periodically Stylplex invests in new technology, so to offer its client top quality end products, and to improve the working processes in order to satisfy its clients and build loyalty.


Stylplex’s mission is to design and create parts in Plexiglas® and other plastic materials. In order to design and produce the objects requested by the client, our business is proud to have various departments where the ideas are transformed into actual items.  Our tech support team is qualified and professional and available to give advice and assistance. After putting together every single idea and information about the project, out team will create the final product, which could vary from a standard product through to a product which is highly personalized, all based on the needs of the single client. After the briefing with the client, our tech department will develop a plan which will be passed to the operational department who will create a prototype. Every single step will be supervised by our expert and qualified engineers, who are able to assist the client by giving the best advice so to optimize the processes and the costs of production.

Logistic and transport

Thanks to the new headquarters, which allowed the logistics department to be enlarged, it is now possible to manage a tidier and smoother warehouse which can house a single item through to mass production. It is possible to strategically control the inflows of raw materials and the outflows of end products. More over our company offers maximum reliability, competence, care and safety during the transport of the items to our client’s headquarters.

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