Our company’s strength is a mix of high tech and craftsman-ship, which enables us to obtain high quality items.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting makes possible to obtain accurate processing in the production of objects that range from the simplest shapes to the most complex ones, in very fast timings, enabling the production of single items through to mass production, always keeping a clear cut, precision and shiny edges, guaranteeing the very high standards.

CNC 5-3 axis

Stylplex owns CNC work centres with 5 axis, which aside the movement on three axis X, Y, and Z, can make the spindle rotate and incline. This CNC work centres can produce any type of outline, as long as the concave angles in the outline does not interfere with the spindle itself.


Polishing is still done manually in certain cases. By using rotating brushes and polishing pastes, our technicians are able to smooth down both simple and complex items in order to give them more shine and a perfect polish.


The shaping of Plexiglas® allows to obtain hard wearing objects that are ergonomic and of great visual impact. By being clear and unbreakable, Plexiglas® is not only used in the production of safety glass and accident prevention items, but also in homewares, as it can proudly be shaped in unlimited forms and creations. Thanks to the use of an oven (with a working area of 3000×1500 cm), the plastic material is fully heated so that it can be shaped through the use of wooden moulds, which are themselves produced by us and that will give the final desired shape.


Stylplex uses multiple drilling machines composed from 1 pantograph, 10 spindles to make vertical drillings and 6 spindles to make horizontal drillings. Such technology allows us to make holes and slots onto the thickness of the materials.


Stylplex does bending of plastic material as both hot bending and cold bending thanks to bending centres that are temperature resistant and a press brake dedicated to cold bending. During hot bending the plates are subjected to bending along the heath lines they are put on; subsequently the degrees of the bending are decided and assigned by positioning the plates on templates, where they will remain to cool down and become hard again. During cold bending the plates are bended in a mechanical way through the use of a press brake.


Routing allows to work on plastic materials that are refractory to laser cutting, giving them the desired shape. It can be useful in modelling and profiling some items in Plexiglas® by proceeding with light strokes and by doing this slowly without stopping while the blade is still moving.


Stylplex uses both the traditional process with mono and dual component glue, and UV gluing.

Aesthetic gluing can be done through both techniques and moreover it is possible to change between glue head and 45 degrees gluing.

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